The Artists of Delaware Artists Guild

photo of sea glass

Kris Hyland Kolb

Member Since 2000

I am a retired art teacher who pooled my body of knowledge to create Sanded By Sea, a business that creates jewelry, decor, and photos of sea glass. My work can be found from the north shore of Massachusetts to the US Virgin Islands. Everything about sea glass makes me happy: looking for it, finding it, photographing it, sorting it, drilling holes in it, making jewelry from it, even dreaming about it!

photo of artist Hannah Maltry-Canrell

Hannah Maltry-Cantrell

Member Since 2019

Hannah Maltry-Cantrell is an Ohio transplant from Asheville, NC. Founder of Maltry Creative she’s an obsessive painter of minimal birds, florals, landscapes and lore with retro flair. Her style is heavily influenced by minimalist, abstract art and the illustrative styles of the 1960’s.

painting of a wedding done by aritst Stephen Sironi

Stephen Sironi

Member Since 2021

Born and raised just south of Boston, Steve came of age in an artistic era of experimentation, discovery, and turmoil. With a degree in fine arts from UMass Amherst, Steve has lived a life full of creativity and artistic expression. Currrently living in Central Ohio, he spends his days painting, and playing music, pickle ball and golf (poorly).